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The vocal and controversial filmmaker Spike Lee (pictured) recently told CNN’s Anderson Cooper (pictured) that the violence against Black America — along with high-profile examples such as the Michael Brown execution at the hands of Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson — is destroying this country.

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Lee, in no uncertain terms, spoke about the treatment of Blacks in this country, “There’s a war on the Black male, and it’s tearing the country apart. It’s not just killing us. It’s the educational system, it’s the prison system, it’s these young Black men growing up with no hope. It’s systematic. We get blinded to think because we got Oprah, we got Michael Jordan, we got LeBron, we got Beyoncé, we got Jay Z, that everything’s OK. They are the exception. The Black underclass is growing every single day.”

The filmmaker, whose movies have examined race relations and colorism in this country, also spoke to the intentional negative portrayal the police department and media are trying to create when they released footage of Brown robbing a store on the same day they released his autopsy. “It is orchestrated. There’s a playbook,” Lee told Anderson. “They’re doing what they want to do. They’re there to protect their own.”

Therefore Lee concluded, “I see it. It’s about Trayvon Martin and Michael Davis and Michael Brown shot a couple of days ago in St. Louis. A couple blocks away another African-American man was shot, was shot and killed…. They said he had a knife. I think there is a war on the Black male and it’s tearing the country apart in my opinion.”

Ultimately, Lee says that the Black community “can’t take it anymore” and hopes the situation “will really blow up” in order to get the message out that the country has finally hit a “tipping point.”

Watch Spike Lee’s interview with Anderson Cooper here:

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