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Darren Wilson (pictured), the Ferguson, Mo.,  police officer who pulled the trigger six times on August 9th, fatally shooting 18-year-old Michael Brown, was reportedly once a member of a Jennings, Mo., police force that was disbanded due to complaints of racism and corruption, according to the Washington Post.

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Up until three years ago, Wilson was a police officer in the small town of Jennings, located about 4 miles from Ferguson, that was recently a hot bed itself.

Law enforcement in the town were reportedly overwhelmed with complaints about racial bias, harassment, strained relations between the nearly all-White police officers and a community that was 89 percent Black.

The incident that reportedly rocked the Jennings community was when an officer — not Wilson — followed a woman outside of the city’s limits and fired at her vehicle with a child still in the back seat. The shooting sparked outrage throughout Jennings, which resulted in the city council firing all 45 of the town’s police officers.

Wilson reportedly did not have any disciplinary problems during his Jennings stint.

Wilson, who worked in a town where relations amongst Blacks and the police force were nonexistent, now stands accused of senselessly executing Brown, an African-American youth, as he and a friend walked to his grandmother’s house.

In addition, Wilson’s mother, Tonya Durso, who was reportedly a convicted forger and alleged con artist died, at age 35, when he was just 16.

Meanwhile, Wilson has not been seen or heard from since the fatal shooting. According to CNN, the 38-year-old policeman has been hiding from death threats and even news outlets have not been able to flush him out.

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