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Destiny Walker, 27,  was reunited with her 2-year-old son at a College Park, Georgia police station after he was found wandering behind a gas station dumpster, according to WSB-TV.

An unidentified woman summoned police to report the little boy after a homeless man flagged down her car to tell her that the small child had been walking aimlessly behind the dumpster.

College Park police Officer Maj. E.W. Strozier told WSB-TV,  “As far as we know, the child was left there and had one pair of shorts in the bag and several diapers, so we assume he was left there on purpose.”

A surveillance camera in the area where the child was discovered depicts a man whom police believe was the child’s father or Walker’s boyfriend outside a nearby gas station with the boy a few hours before the child was abandoned.

As to why the boy was left behind the dumpster is what police are trying to figure out.

Walker’s brother, who was not identified, points the finger of blame at her boyfriend telling WSB-TV, “All of her brothers and sister, we’ve got children, and we all take care of our children. This is something that has to do with her boyfriend. So you all take it up with him,” he said.

Investigators are expected to interrogate both Walker and her boyfriend.  No charges have been filed thus far.

The little boy was placed in the custody of the Department of Family and Children Services.