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Update: The Baltimore Ravens announced Monday afternoon via Twitter that they’ve decided to terminate Ray Rice’s contract.

Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice (pictured) made headlines earlier this year in February, after he was captured on film knocking out his then-fiancée cold. TMZ managed to secure the video on the now-wife Janay Palmer (pictured) being hit in a one-two knockout blow following a heated argument.  The video of Rice’s violent act is guaranteed to make you cringe.

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Rice and Palmer were reportedly in Atlantic City, New Jersey, at the Revel Hotel and Casino on February 15th. As seen on the video, the pair apparently got in to a spat of some sort as they waited for an elevator. Before the couple stepped inside the elevator, Palmer is seen swiping at Rice once.  Once they are inside the elevator, Rice hits Palmer, and while she tries to strike back at him, she is overpowered.

The 27-year-old gridiron player then lunges at Palmer again with yet another punch that knocks her to the floor, but on the way down, she strikes her head on a handrail.

Palmer is then seen knocked out cold.

The video shows Rice dragging Palmer’s lifeless body halfway out of the elevator after they’ve reached their intended floor.  A hotel official is then observed making his way over to Rice as he surveys Palmer who is unconscious on the floor. Rice appears nonchalant over what just took place.

Watch Ray Rice abuse his wife, Janay Palmer, here:

The NFL gave Rice a mere two game suspension for the domestic violence display and fined him $529,411 (two game checks) as well.

After garnering intense criticism for the light punishment Rice received from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the league then decided last month that there would be harsher domestic violence penalties for the players moving forward.

After the incident, Palmer married Rice just one month later.  Since their nuptials, the couple have reportedly undergone marriage counseling and Rice publicly apologized in July to his fans and his wife for his brutal act.

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