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Explosive footage of Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice brutally punching his now-wife Janay Palmer has rocked the world today but, apparently, the folks of FOX News think it’s funny.

Fox host Brian Kilmeade offered this advice to Palmer: “I think the message is, take the stairs.” As a female co-host laughed, co-host Steve Doocey said, “The message is, when you’re in an elevator, there’s a camera.”They also mentioned the fact that she went back to him after the attack, comparing the situation to Rihanna and Chris Brown.

Rice was previously given a two-game suspension when video leaked of him pulling Palmer from the elevator leaked. In light of today’s video, he has been dropped from the Ravens and suspended from the NFL.

Not surprisingly, as opposed to using their time to shine light on the dangers of domestic violence, FOX hosts decided to have a good chuckle.

Keep it classy, FOX News. If that’s possible.