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Indiana Pacers superstar Paul George (pictured) was called on the carpet by Twitter users and beyond after he tweeted his take on Ray Rice’s suspension from the NFL Thursday morning.

As previously reported by NewsOne,  the former Baltimore Ravens running back was suspended after video of his physical assault on his then fiancée and now wife, Janay Palmer Rice, inside an Atlantic City elevator last February went public.

George’s tweets were deemed “thoughtless and inappropriate” by his team’s president of basketball operations and former NBA legend Larry Bird and he has since issued a public apology for his Twitterverse faux pas.

The 6’9″ NBA All-Star swingman, who is recovering from a broken leg, came under attack seconds after tweeting:

Keep it 100 lets act on this police violence like we actin on this Ray Rice case! Stay strong homie !8:20 AM – 11 Sep 2014