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Chantae Gilman (pictured) has officially been charged with raping a male neighbor while he slept in his Seattle apartment in June of last year, reports KOMO News.

According to a police report, the 26-year-old mother of four, who is now pregnant again, allegedly broke into her unidentified neighbor’s apartment as he slept following a party he had attended.  Gilman, whom police records state is 240 pounds, reportedly entered the man’s bedroom and managed to hold the victim down during the alleged rape.  Gilman warned her victim to keep it quiet as she attempted to muffle him during the act.  The man claims he tried to get free from the woman’s grip but found it difficult to escape.

The man, who describes his assailant as “a drug user in the area,” finally managed to push the woman off of him and out of his apartment.

Police state that Gilman reportedly suffers from bipolar disorder and another unnamed mental affliction.  She has allegedly sought treatment for drug and mental health issues and has an arrest record for two criminal offenses that date back to 2006 and 2008.

The male victim was reportedly examined for signs of rape and a sample of Gilman’s DNA was analyzed in order to build a case against her.  The results of the lab tests had not become available until this summer.

After Gilman was taken into custody for her latest offense, the woman reportedly told police detectives she had no recollection of trying to sexually assault the victim, nor did she even remember breaking into his home.

Gilman is scheduled to appear at a hearing on September 22.

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