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It was on Friday, that Detroit Cass Tech football star Jayru Campbell, who was jailed after body slamming a school security guard on video, was arrested again for another alleged assault, hours after his release. However, this time his alleged assault was reportedly against his girlfriend.

Well after being charged with unarmed robbery, assault with intent to do great bodily harm and misdemeanor domestic violence assault and battery on Saturday for his alleged assault to his girlfriend. Campbell appeared in  court again on Tuesday to be arraigned on a probation violation charge, where the judge reportedly entered a Not Guilty plea on behalf of Campbell, who remained silent during the hearing and was remanded back to jail after the hearing was over.

However, according to a report from WDIV, Campbell and is now accused of another assault which allegedly happened at the jail during his sentence.

On Tuesday, sources at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office told Local 4 Campbell now is being investigated for another assault which allegedly happened at the jail during his sentence. Local 4 is told the incident took place on Aug. 31. Campbell and other inmates are accused of assaulting a fellow inmate.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office sent a warrant to the Prosecutor’s Office on Thursday. However, according to prosecutors, it was returned because it needed further investigating.

As you guessed, this obviously does nothing to help Campbell, if it turns out to be true, considering his track record with the court right now.

Back in January, Campbell was arrested after a video surfaced which showed him body slamming the school security guard in a Cass Tech hallway. He originally pleaded not guilty to an assault charge but was given a plea deal.

In the plea deal, Wayne County Circuit Judge Timothy Kenny sentenced Campbell under the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act, which gives people between ages 17 and 20 a chance to avoid a criminal record but still forced him to have to serve a 57 day sentence, which was scheduled to begin July 28. In addition, Judge Kenny also ordered Campbell undergo drug testing, counseling, anger management classes, and complete 75 hours of community service, and pay more than $600 in court costs. During his sentencing, Campbell apologized to the security officer and said he learned from the incident.

Although, Campbell’s earlier conviction from this year could have been wiped off his record under the Holmes youthful trainer act. Due to the recent events with his girlfriend and now this alleged jailhouse assault, he is now back to square one and could possibly receive a bigger punishment.

In fact according to WDIV’s sources, the Sheriff’s Office is looking into the case of the alleged jailhouse assault and it’s possible Campbell could face more charges.

“He had a chance to walk away without a record as long as he kept himself clean and didn’t do anything wrong, didn’t violate any laws. Unfortunately for him, due to his anger issues, his turning his nose to the court system and not heeding the advice of the judge and his own attorney, he’s now going to have a criminal history,” said legal expert Todd Flood. “He’s now, realistically, going to be facing a world of hurt and potentially he is going to prison.”

Before his troubles with the law Campbell led Cass Tech to consecutive Division 1 state titles in 2011 and 2012 and a semifinal spot last year. In fact, before the incident on Friday Campbell, was beginning his senior year at Detroit Cass Tech high school after being allowed to return to school despite reported state law that requires expulsion of any student who assaults staff.

Last year Campbell made a verbal commitment to play football Michigan State University. However, he de-committed from the school this past June after his role in the assault of the school security guard in January but did not provide a reason as to why he de-committed from the Spartans.

Campbell is scheduled to be back in court September 25th for a preliminary examination in that case.​

Written by LBeasley (Lauren Beasley), Sports Editor of Radio One Detroit

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