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Reigning Heisman Trophy winner and famed Florida State University (FSU) quarterback Jameis Winston (pictured) has been benched for one half of this weekend’s FSU vs. Clemson game for reportedly yelling at the top of his lungs and right in the middle of  the school campus, “F**k her right in the p***y,” according to The New York Times.

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Hordes of students tweeted Winston’s bizarre actions, with many claiming to have witnessed the spectacle involving the young gridiron star.  According to those who saw Winston’s antics, he stood on top of a table and yelled the obscenity at the top of his lungs — and folks around him thought it was hilarious.

The sexual statement reportedly uttered by Winston stems from an Internet meme that has been making its way around the Internet over the last few months, and as a matter of fact, it is considered to be a kind of new catch phrase.  Hecklers have often used the off-putting phrase during live news reporting segments.

Watch the catchphrase being said here.

Winston’s latest behavioral blip can be added to the string of troubles he has had over the last couple of years. Earlier this year, the 20-year-old young face of college football was accused of stealing $33 worth of crab legs from a supermarket.  When the alleged theft occurred, Winston claimed he simply forgot to pay for them. Florida deputies issued him a citation for “forgetting” to pay.

Last year, Winston was accused of sexual assault, after reports surfaced that a woman told police officials she was raped by the player. A sexual encounter did take place, according to investigators, but there was not enough evidence to prove that it was not consensual.

Meanwhile, a press conference was held on Wednesday to address Winston’s latest antics and Florida State officials issued a statement, “As a result of his comments yesterday, which were offensive and vulgar, Jameis Winston will undergo internal discipline and will be withheld from competition for the first half of the Clemson game,” Florida State’s Interim President Garnett S. Stokes and Athletic Director Stan Wilcox said in a joint statement.

Winston also issued a statement with regards to his verbal faux, apologizing for uttering the lewd words “to the university, to my coaches and to my teammates” and called his behavior “selfish.” “I did something,” he said, “so I’ve got to accept my consequences.”  He added, “We’re going to think about moving forward and winning the game.”

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