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Beyoncé’s dad, Mathew Knowles (pictured), has been quite a busy bee. Not only did Knowles father a 3-year-old son with actress Alexsandra Wright, but now another baby mama’s claims, TaQoya Branscomb (pictured), have been reportedly been proven via a DNA test that he is 99.998 percent the father of her child, according to TMZ.

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The latest baby mama, Branscomb came out of the woodwork back in July, claiming that the 63-year-old Knowles fathered her daughter. Branscomb, a former lingerie model-turned-Texas-real estate agent claims that she and Knowles shared an intimate relationship back in 2010 that resulted in a pregnancy.  Tina Knowles, Beyoncé and Solange’s mom, also filed for divorce from Mathew in 2010 after 31 years of marriage.

Knowles has had his fair share of baby mama drama from Wright, as the couple has fiercely duked out child support issues in court over the last few years.  Knowles, who now claims he is not as financially robust as he once was when he managed Beyoncé, now claims to live a modest life. In fact, Knowles’ reduction in salary resulted in a judge ruling in his favor to reduce his child support payments to Wright from a reported $12,000 a month to $2,485.

Now Branscomb will reportedly seek to get her child’s fair share from Knowles.

Good luck, gurl, can’t get blood from a stone!

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