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White Columbia, South Carolina, state trooper Sean Groubert (pictured), was arrested and charged with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature, after he shot an unarmed Black man repeatedly for not getting his ID out of his vehicle quickly enough during a routine traffic stop earlier this month.  Now the shocking turn-of-events that were captured via dash camera have been publicly released, according to WLTX 19.

The victim, Levar Jones, 35, had driven his SUV in to a convenience store parking lot on September 4th, when Groubert approached him. Jones got out of his vehicle and appeared unconfrontational, addressing the officer as “Sir” and abiding by the law enforcers instructions without hesitation.  After being told to present his ID, Jones reached in to his vehicle…only for Groubert to begin shooting him moments later.

Jones is heard on the video stating that he thinks he was struck by a bullet as Groubert is seen with gun in hand approaching him. After being shot at multiple times — and sustaining injury — Jones is heard pleading, “What did I do? I just got my license, you said get my license!”

According to Groubert, even though he clearly instructed Jones to show his ID, he felt threatened once Jones reached in to his vehicle.

Watch the shocking footage of the shootings here:

Jones was hospitalized for the injury and is now recovering at home.

After viewing the disturbing footage, the South Carolina Department of Public Safety Director, Leroy Smith, fired Groubert on Sept. 19th.  Smith also referred to the case as “disturbing.” Charges against the officer were filed Wednesday and brought by the Fifth Circuit Solicitor’s office.  Still, according to Groubert’s attorney Barney Geise, his client is not guilty of the charges filed against him.

If found guilty of the charges, Groubert, whose bond is set at $75,000, faces a 20-year prison sentence.