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“Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” Porsha Williams (pictured) was reportedly rushed to an Atlanta area hospital on Tuesday, after suffering an unknown health scare as evidenced by an Instagram selfie of her sporting what seems to be a nebulizer mask. Since Williams is dating an unnamed Nigerian, who is reportedly being held in the country for ‘health reasons,’ tongues are wagging in the worst way, according to Hollywood Life. As if the health scare wasn’t enough, then the Atlanta socialite reportedly received word that her role on the popular reality show has been diminished to “just friend status” states the celeb news site.

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Williams, who also managed to secure a hosting gig at the syndicated celeb gossip TV show “Dish Nation,” captioned her Instagram photo as follows:

“2 azz shots & 1 treatment later I hope this kicks it  Thanks Dr. Collier #TEAMNODAYSOFF #AintNobodyGotTime.'”

Nebulizer treatments are typically used on patients who suffer from such diseases as asthma, cystic fibrosis, COPD, and other respiratory diseases.  The doctor whom the 33-year-old thanks in the caption is Dr. M.J. Collier, a popular Atlanta family practitioner, who is also known as “the Hip-Hop Doc.”

On the day after her health crisis, Williams learned that her starring role on “RHOA” was kicked down quite a few notches to just occasional appearances as a friend to her other cast members, according to E! Online. What does the always outspoken and misspoken Williams think about her demotion?  In a statement to E! Williams admits, “I was blindsided by the announcement that I was demoted from housewife status.”

Meanwhile, the also actress/singer told E! that she will take this time to spread her wings and focus on all of her upcoming projects.

Watch the Williams E! segment here: