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Everyone wants to be noticed during Homecoming! With the help of Celebrity stylist Abraham Harris — who has worked with Tracey Edmonds, Angela Simmons and actress Lisa Arrindell Anderson, NewsOne shares this year’s top fall homecoming fashion trends for men and women, inspired by the most popular runway themes and celebrity looks. Incorporate these tips into your style choices and be sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression this Homecoming.


1. Throwback and mod styles are back in full swing.

As modeled on the fashion runways of Gucci, Valentino and Louis Vuitton, mod styles cascade vibrant colors on flowing dresses and are this year’s “it” looks for women. To really stand out, wear a mod, cut-out dress with a stylish design and flamboyant patterns.

2. This year, orange is the new black.

Whether a dark or a lighter shade, an orange dress will certainly add spice to your Homecoming. The hues of autumn inspire Fall fashion and reward dark, rich skin tones. Feel like a princess in peach, apricot or other lighter oranges or bolden your look with a dark, edgy, burnt orange. This choice pairs perfectly with staple suit colors or can be dialed up in combination with other earthy tones.

3. Glitter and shine.

Designers including Marc Jacobs and Marco De Vincenzo are promoting shimmery fashion on the runway more than ever before. For the ladies who love to shine, consider an iridescent dress crystal-caked in gems or glitter. Just remember to be reserved with the accessories and jewelry: These dresses need no introduction.

4. Look bold and beautiful in a gown.

Can’t choose between long or short? A long gown with a thigh-high slit is a sexy and elegant solution to your indecision. It is the timeless celebrity go-to look when really trying to leave an impression, that shows off sexy legs and dazzling high heels, but leaves something to the imagination. Not only will an impeccable gown elongate your look, but it will also add some sassy class to your big night.

5. “Clutch-or-ize”

Accessorize your look with a matching clutch that has a sophisticated cut and great utility. Clutches are not only excellent for carrying all of your makeup essentials, but they give wearers the freedom to dance without being hampered by cumbersome purse straps. As a fashion item, a well-selected clutch refines your look and makes the statement you’ve dressed with intent.


1. Keep it classic in black and white.

If you like to keep things simple, the classic black suit never goes out of style. The most important part of selecting your threads is the cut and fit. Keep in mind: oversized, baggy pants are out and fitted styles are in. Stay sharp with slim pants and a tie that matches your frame.

2. Mix it up with earthy tones.

While the classic look is timeless, the fall season presents fashionable men a great opportunity to stand out by choosing a deep, Earth-tone color. Browns, greens and blues are all subtle, easy-to-match colors that are still bold and daring. Many fashion fanatics predict that brown will be the new Black for this year’s red carpet award season and we are already seeing celebrities rocking this style.

3. Wear a suede blazer paired with vibrant colors or prints.

Its easy to overlook the importance of texture and color when choosing a blazer. Stand out by sidestepping cotton and cotton-blend materials for the regal world of suede. Black, brown and dark navy blue suede blazers can either be sophisticated with a bright solid-colored shirt, or playful when matched with the right patterns or prints.

4. Finish your look with a fedora.

Fedoras were a big item on the runway this year and rightly add that element of “fly” to any ensemble. Whether you’re boasting a three-piece suit, or cooly modeling a blazer and trousers, this accessory will be your ticket to a smooth evening. The look is frequented by celebrities like Ne-Yo, Bruno Mars, Chris Brown and Trey Songz, to name a few.

5. Rock out by ditching the dress shoes.

Lets face it, dress shoes just aren’t that comfortable. Trade the pointy leathers for a pair of ankle-cut, vintage worn boots. Rocker footwear will allow you to add a little grunge to your get-up and keep you comfortable all night long.