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R&B songstress Fantasia Barrino (pictured) is reportedly locking legal horns in court with Brandel Shouse, the Father of her 13-year-old daughter, over custody, according to TMZ.

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Shouse is allegedly fighting the third season winner of the wildly popular entrainment show “American Idol”  for legal and physical custody of their daughter, Zion, claiming that he would be the better and fitter parent for the child. Barrino, who performs solely under the name of Fantasia, struck back at her former lover by stating that Shouse has been an absent Dad in the child’s life. According to Fantasia, he hasn’t cared for his child nor contributed one red cent toward her support.

Now that Shouse is financially stable, having maintained a steady base of employment with earnings that are quite substantial according to Barrino, the incensed Mom is now gunning for his long overdue child support in court.

Barrino and Shouse were high school sweethearts, but his reported physical abusiveness toward the singer pushed her out of the relationship.  In the past, Shouse plead guilty to domestic abuse, reportedly choking and beating Barrino while they were a couple.