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We  recently launched the second phase of our Put Our Children 1st: Common Core for Common Goals campaign in partnership with One Solution, the creative and branded entertainment arm of Radio One, to stress the value of a public school education that provides all students with the best possible opportunity to reach their full potential and succeed in college/career.

As the national debate heats up around Common Core State Standards – which establish clear, consistent guidelines for what every student should know and be able to do in Math and English Language Arts from kindergarten through 12th grade – the National Urban League has put a stake in the ground via Put Our Children 1st to encourage the African-American community to fight for equitable implementation of these educational standards in public schools across the nation. By raising standards for everyone, Common Core can help bridge the education achievement gap and create a new reality in which all students are adequately prepared to excel regardless of family income, ethnicity or where they live.

Common Core will not address every concern about our educational system, but its equitable implementation will help pave the way to ensuring that all children have a fair shot at a high-quality education. This phase of Put Our Children 1st includes two TV One and two Radio One spots that emphasize the possibilities for our children when we put politics aside and put the interests of all children first.

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