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Boxing legend Leon Spinks (pictured), who beat the iconic Muhammad Ali (pictured left below) back in 1978, was reportedly hospitalized for emergency abdominal surgery at a Las Vegas medical facility, and according to unnamed sources, his condition has worsened due to complications, states TMZ.

Famed singer Tony Orlando, the trusted friend of the 61-year-old former undisputed world heavyweight champion, who is best known for his gap-toothed grin and throaty laugh. is reportedly asking folks to please pray for his friend as he is “facing the greatest fight of his life.”

When Spinks beat Ali, the bout was recorded as one of the greatest upsets in the history of the sport.  However, the former bronze and gold Olympic medalist was stripped of his WBC title for fighting Ali in an unapproved rematch some seven months after the historic duking out.

Watch the bout between Leon Spinks and Muhammad Ali here:

Over the recent years, Spinks has reportedly led a hard life, from homelessness to excessive drinking to holding down a series of meager jobs, such as working at a local McDonalds fast-food eatery, just to make ends meet.

According to Spinks’ wife, Brenda, at this point, no one knows how long the former champ will be down for the count, but the family is optimistic.

Champ, we wish you well!