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Actor Terrence Howard and his ex-wife Michelle Ghent were seemingly enemies during their very public and very brutal divorce battle and now the former Missus is accusing “The Butler” co-star of hiding his fortune from not only the courts but from her as well.  In an retaliatory move, the steaming Ghent is demanding a whopping $500,000 from Howard, reports TMZ.

Ghent is reportedly claiming that Howard has refused to fork over monies that are owed to her in spousal support and legal bills to the tune of $481,715.  Howard’s tab is growing and Ghent wants the court to force him to part with his money, states TMZ.

The 45-year-old Howard, however, is claiming that the majority of his hard-earned money is going into another former wife’s pockets, Lori McMasters, whom he was married to for 14 years. That union produced three children.

After McMaster’s receives Howard’s money, he is claiming that there is barely enough left for him, much less for Ghent, whom he was married to for a mere year.

Ghent however is not buying Howard’s “woe is me” bit claiming that he had admitted last year to creating “fake debt” to McMasters, so that he could look penniless to her.   The ex-spouse also revealed in the court docs that Howard raked in at least $1.3 million last year and will be sitting pretty financially for the next two years at least with lucrative and steady gigs.

So Ghent is reportedly going after her payday with both barrels!

Terrence, ya better duck!