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Thousands in West Africa have already succumbed to the most recent outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus and with each day, more and more lives are being claimed.

So why would anyone make light of such a tragedy?

The Ebola outbreak has apparently inspired a line of Halloween costumes that resemble the Hazmat gear worn by the emergency responders who come in contact with the virus.  Many are referring to the costumes as tacky and insensitive, while others are applauding  their timeliness.

The costume, which comes complete with a protective hazmat suit, goggles, boots and gloves, is expected to be a “viral” rage according to costume retailers like BrandsonSale, who spoke with USA Today about this year’s costume trend.

The Ebola containment suit will run Trick-or-Treaters about $79.99.

Tony Bianchi, who manages New York Costumes in Manhattan told Reuters that many of the Ebola-inspired costumes will probably be homemade.  Bianchi also pointed out that costumes are really meant to poke fun “but the world is getting more serious. This is scary stuff,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Ebola crisis is still spreading faster than relief efforts with the death toll now surpassing 4,400.  The virus, which currently has no cure, has infected some 8,000 victims and medical experts have predicted that about 1.4 million more could be stricken by January.

Weigh in, do you think sporting an Ebola worker costume is tasteless?

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