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UPDATED Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 3:45 p.m. E.T.: 

Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed of St. Louis has been released from jail Tuesday morning after her arrest during a protest in Ferguson. She called the arrest a “symbolic” act. Learn more about what led to her arrest the video below.


Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed of St. Louis was arrested during a protest in Ferguson. According to reports, Nasheed walked on a street Monday night after police officials told her that she wasn’t allowed to protest there. After officers asked her and another man to leave the street several times they both were arrested. According to local police she is being held at the St. Ann Jail in Ferguson. She has refused bond, and her attorney said that she wants to present arrest during a protest as “an alternative to any sort of violent action.” Read more.

NABJ Loses Support from CNN

As reported yesterday, the National Association of Black Journalists public remarks about the future of African Americans at CNN strained relations between the organization and the news network. Now, CNN has decided to cut ties with NABJ and has withdrawn support of their 2015 Convention & Career Fair. “I understand the company has a right to make personnel decisions,” Butler said in a statement. “There were not that many African American managers at CNN in the first place. These layoffs have hurt our members tremendously. I am severely disappointed that CNN has ended our partnership.” Read more.

Ebola Victim’s Health Condition Improves

Amber Vinson, a nurse in Dallas, Texas who contracted the virus after caring for Ebola victim Eric Thomas Duncan is showing signs of improvement. “Amber is fine. She’s in the hospital in Atlanta, and her body is processing food,” said a family friend. Vinson was transported to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta after having a high fever last Tuesday. Read more.

‘Dear White People’ Sees Success at the Box Office

One of the most controversial films to hit theaters this season had a successful weekend at the box office, Oct. 17-19. “Dear White People,” a film that captures the experience of college students and was inspired by racially-charged campus headlines, made its debut in 11 theaters throughout the country. It grossed $344,136 at the box office. The film is slated to expands to 350 theaters on October 24.  Read more.

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