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The state of Michigan is known for having its share of rivalries over the years on the high school football scene. However, when it comes to Detroit King vs. Detroit Cass Tech, I think just about everyone in the city of Detroit, will tell you that this match-up  is the PSL’s closest football version of Michigan vs. Michigan State.

Although, they didn’t play each other during the regular season, as faith would have it, the two met under the bright lights of Ford Field as they faced-off against each other for the 2014 PSL Championship, a title that both team are familiar with winning. Nevertheless, someone had to lose, and although King did their best, they stood no chance in this one, as they were defeated by Cass Tech with a final score of 39-7.


  • Michigan commit and Detroit Cass Tech running back Mike Weber was amazing in this game and I truly do mean amazing. Not only did he rush for over 150 yards but he also garnered over 50 receiving yards giving him over 250 all-purpose yards not to mention three touchdowns. While it’s no surprise to see Weber perform at a high level, he once again proved those who still doubt him wrong, as he showed off his rare combination of speed, agility, vision and power.
  • As much as I would love to give all the credit to Weber in this one. I have to say that  Cass Tech’s offensive line deserves a lot of credit for the success of Cass Tech’s running game in this one. For four quarters straight, the Cass Tech offensive line led by Michael Onwenu were a consistent and dynamic bunch as they opened multiple holes for Weber to go through and make plays. Then if that’s not enough, they also did a good job of proving consistent protection for quarterback Rodney Hall, giving him opportunities to make plays through the air, while also giving the Cass Tech offense the opportunity to remain balance.
  • Speaking of the passing game, I must say that besides Weber, sophomore wide receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones was the next offensive highlight reel on this game tape, as he hauled in over 100 yards receiving, along with two key and acrobatic touchdowns catches that help the Technicians to win this game.
  • The same goes for quarterback Rodney Hall. I know if you look at his stats, you will see that he threw two interceptions. However, what the stats, don’t show you is that Hall remained calm as he continued to persevere and move on from his mistakes. As I mentioned earlier, Weber may have been the star of the show but it was the nice touch passes by Hall to Peoples-Jones and the overall composure of Hall that also helped Cass Tech to win this game.
  • Besides, the great play of Cass Tech’s offense, I also have to credit the great play of Cass Tech’s defense. Besides a few hiccups and one let down in the end-zone, the Technician defense played really well, as they contained a talented King offense both on the ground and through the air, all game long which is not the most easiest thing to do.
  • Although, I know when you look at the final score, you may think and wonder how King could have any highlights to speak of. Let me say that while the final score wasn’t the most impressive, it doesn’t change the fact that King played hard. In particular, wide receiver Donnie Corley, who I thought played well on both sides of catching one touchdown pass and earning one interception for the Crusaders
  • The same thing goes for wide receiver and cornerback Dontre Boyd who also had an interception and some great plays on both offense and special teams. Again, it may not seem like much, but trust me he was a difference maker right along with Corley, even if the score doesn’t show it. Unfortunately for them, their effort just wasn’t enough for King to rally back.


  • As good as Cass Tech played in this game, I have to say that I saw way to many penalties in this game for the Technicians. While I didn’t always agree with the penalty calls of the referees. It doesn’t change the fact that most of Cass Tech’s penalties could have been avoided. Although, it may not seem like a big deal,  it is something to consider, because if King had played better, there is a chance that those penalties could have come back to haunt them.
  • Which leads me to King, because in their case, their penalties did come back to haunt them. In fact, just about every time, King came close to scoring and cutting down their deficit on the scoreboard, they suffered a costly penalty which caused their positive plays to become negative plays and for their touchdown plays to be called back. While I don’t mean to take credit from the great play of Cass Tech’s defense, I have to say that King was more than capable of coming back to win this game if it wasn’t for their costly mistakes.
  • Speaking of mistakes, both Cass Tech and King, had to way many turnovers in this game. When it comes to Cass Tech they had a two turnovers in this one and when it comes to King they had three turnovers, which not only put them at a grand total of five turnovers in this game overall but it also opened the door for the other team to capitalize. Even though, Cass Tech’s turnovers didn’t hurt them as much as King’s turnovers hurt them, the point is that both teams can’t expect to having continuous turnovers and still expect to have great success moving forward in this year’s playoffs. So if their smart like I know they are, there is no doubt that both teams will adjust moving forward.


Overall, this was a great and impressive showing by Detroit Cass Tech. Although the score doesn’t show it, this was still a good overall effort by Detroit King. While I’m sure King would have like to see a different turnout, there is no doubt that they will be a team to watch in this year’s state playoffs, along with Detroit Cass Tech, who will be looking to earn their third state title in four years. So buckle-up ladies and gentlemen, because this just the beginning for both teams. State playoffs, here were come.

Written by LBeasley (Lauren Beasley), Producer of “The Morning Heat” on Hot 107.5 and Sports Editor of Radio One Detroit

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