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If you’re not clear about how changing educational standards are affecting your children, especially Common Core State Standards, it’s okay. You’re not alone, and the National Urban League wants to help.

“We’ve got a big investment helping parents understand what these expectations are, what these goals are  and why it’s good,” the organization’s president and CEO, Marc Morial, said during a recent interview with Roland Martin, host of TV One’sNewsOne Now.” During the sit-down Morial described the National Urban League’s Put Our Children 1st campaign, in partnership with TV One.

The campaign is aimed at increasing understanding of Common Core standards among parents so that they are empowered to become true partners in their children’s education and success, said Morial.  Not only will it help parents know what their children need to learn to become productive adults in the 21st century, but also encourage them to have “… conversations with their teachers, principals, officials who run the schools in their own home town.”

Hear how, in the video above.

For more information on the campaign and Common Core, visit or check out NewsOne’s section on education and the Common Core.

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