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A substitute teacher at Jay Stream Elementary School in Carol Stream, Illinois sparked controversy when she allegedly referred to Black students  as ‘ni***rs’ and ‘slaves’ during a history lesson, reports

Though the incident happened last week, eighth-graders Mea Thompson and Zaria Daniel said they remain shocked.

“She said, well back in the day, when you guys were considered slaves, you guys were called [‘n-words] and I was like, that’s offensive” said student Zaria Daniel.

“She said back then you guys would be considered [n-words] and we said well that’s not an appropriate term to use now, and she’s like well in history back then that’s what you’d be considered and I told her well we’re not in the past now, this is the present and I would not like to be called that,” added classmate Mea Thompson.

… and she said well what should we call you, a slave?” Thompson said. “One of my friends pushed her books on the floor and said ‘Excuse me?’”

“I said that’s offensive and she said, ‘Well, I’m just trying to tell you guys something. I’m just trying to teach you a lesson.’”


Superintendent Bill Shields sent a letter to parents acknowledging the incident and said they would not support the substitute.

“The substitute doesn’t represent our district. We’re not having her back,” Shields said. “The students handled it with great maturity. We’re proud of them.”

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