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William “The Refrigerator” Perry’s (pictured), the former NFL Chicago Bears superstar defensive lineman for ten seasons during the 80s and 90s, is reportedly on the verge of losing his home, according to the WBTV.

Now 51-years-old and in ailing health, the very last place he called “home” belonged to his late father and is now in shocking disrepair.

The dilapidated Aiken, South Carolina property has been vandalized, burglarized and according to Perry’s older brother, Willie, who spoke to the WBTV, “They’ve kicked the door in so many times it’s not funny.”

Reportedly back taxes are owed on the property to the tune of some $26,000, according to a letter that was sent to Perry by the Aiken County tax collector’s office. Michael, who is Perry’s assigned guardian and conservator for his affairs, told WBTV that the court will not allow Perry to save the property in question. Michael also alluded to the fact that there is quite a bit of red tape attached to the home, one being Perry’s estranged wife. Reportedly Perry signed the home over to his wife which is why he can’t legally pay the taxes on the home.

Meanwhile, the November 5 tax payment deadline is looming and the tab must be satisfied by 5 pm on that day.

Perry, who was always ridiculed about his weight growing up, weighed in at 200 pounds by the time he turned 11 years old. As a freshman in 1981, Perry earned his “Refrigerator” nickname when a fellow player could barely squeeze into an elevator with him and their laundry, which they were taking to be washed. The man with a size 25 ring finger played for ten years in the NFL and had a stellar career that included a Super Bowl win.

Perry retired from the NFL in 1994.

Besides the football career, Perry went on to market his own BBQ sauce. He also participated in a whirlwind of marketing promotions, made countless guest appearances on popular talk and variety shows, recorded two rap records and even had a few movie roles. Perry was so popular that he was immortalized as a G.I. Joe action figure called “The Fridge.”

Over recent years, Perry has also faced many health issues, including a 2008 diagnosis of the chronic inflammatory disorder of the peripheral nerves, Guillain-Barré syndrome. Two years later, it was reported that Perry suffered from hearing loss. Excessive drinking and weight issues compounded Perry’s health problems and now, barely able to walk, Perry tips the scales at around 400 pounds.

Money problems are also seemingly at the top of Perry’s battles. In April 2011, a 10-year-old child came across Perry’s Super Bowl XX ring for sale. The child, an avid Perry admirer, wanted the former pro to get his ring back, so he asked his mother to buy it for $8,500 so that it could be returned to his NFL idol. It’s not known whether Perry sold or auctioned off the ring to help pay for medical expenses but the boy and his mom bought the ring and happily returned it to its rightful owner.