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DaNita Martin (pictured) has decided to throw in the towel regarding her teaching career, after what she referred to as “continued student discipline issues” at Grandview Heights Middle School in Memphis during a recent school board meeting, according to WMC Action News 5.

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Before an audience of parents and school administrators, the middle school math teacher recounted horror stories about out-of-control students that actually made a few attendees gasp. “I had a student take a calculator and beat another student upside the head,” said Martin. “Broke the calculator, and was not suspended…. Another student got the scissors and started making a stabbing motion. When I went to the administration, they said he was already suspended earlier today. What am I supposed to do?”

According to Martin, students at the high school reportedly lack respect for educators and behavior is at its lowest point there. Martin went on to divulge how she is called out of her name on a daily basis by many of the teens at the school and her level of tolerance regarding the behavior has reached its limits. “I’m called by my students, ‘Gay,’ ‘lesbian,’ ‘dyke,’ ‘sir,'” Martin admitted. “And my favorite, ‘White girl.'” “Students tell me, ‘Who the f-bomb do you think you’re speaking to?’ and, ‘Shut the F up when talking to me,'” Martin revealed. “But they go unpunished.”

One parent, Latrina Robinson, spoke to WMC Action News 5 regarding the reported state of blatant disrespect by many of the students at the school towards educators, saying, “When the teachers try to control them, they [are] even irate with the teachers,” said the worried Mom. Robinson also said she’s moving her son out of the alleged troubled school as soon as possible.

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Meanwhile, when WMC Action 5 News reached out to the middle school for a response to the allegations surrounding the disrespectful student body, a Shelby County Schools spokesperson provided the following statement:

“The allegations made last night were very serious, and we will need to investigate before we can provide an official response.”

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