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If these five guys have no sense of shame, they should at least shut up.

No young woman would consent to having sex with five guys in a bathroom unless she was seriously troubled.

Any guy with even a trace of gentleman would have told everyone to leave this 18-year-old Hofstra freshman alone, then walked her to her room and left her in the care of a female friend or roommate.

Instead, the five apparently went ahead and had sex with her, one after another after another after another after another.

One even videotaped it with his cell phone.

Then surprise! She turned out to be as troubled as they should have known her to be in the first place.

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She told her boyfriend and then the police that she had been gang-raped. The police locked up four of the guys while the fifth quaked in fear of joining them before he finally came forward with the video that showed the sex was consensual.

The five were freed after getting the good scare that they well deserved.

Of course, that does not mean their behavior justified the woman’s lies.

Her troubles are no excuse. She was beyond wrong, particularly because so many sex-crime cases hinge on the victim’s credibility.

Confronted with DNA evidence, the accused often argue the sex was consensual.

The continuing danger posed by this woman’s lies is that a juror in a real gang-rape case will remember what happened at Hofstra and decide maybe this victim is lying, too.

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As a result of her lies, an actual rapist might someday walk free.

She should certainly be prosecuted for filing a false report.

But the fact that the five did not gang-rape the woman does not mean their behavior was anything but disgraceful.

They should be thankful there is nothing in the penal code against acting like a lowlife.

They are no longer behind bars, so they should stop squawking about having been falsely accused.

They should count themselves lucky she recanted.

They should not whine about how scared they were.

Most especially, they should not wail about their reputations being sullied.

One of them, Stalin Felipe, complained to one of the other newspapers, “Anytime anyone Googles my name, rape is going to be right there beside it. My name is tarnished.”

He went on to fret that whenever he applies for a job, “I am always going to have to offer some explanation.”

Well, Felipe, just tell them you and your four buddies did not really gang-rape the young woman, you only gangbanged her.

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[SOURCE: NY Daily News]

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