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Adrian Peterson in Court

Adrian Peterson appeared in court for a child abuse case on Oct. 8, 2014 (Getty Images)

Vikings running back Adrian Peterson avoided a jail term yesterday after reaching a plea deal in his child abuse case. The felony abuse charge against him was reduced to one count of misdemeanor reckless assault. He was ordered by Montgomery County District Judge Kelly Case to pay a $4,000 fine and do 80 hours of community service. “I’m just glad this is over,” said Peterson. “I can put this behind me, and me and my family can move forward.” Peterson’s legal trouble has caused him to miss eight games. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will have the final say in letting Peterson back on the field or taking further disciplinary action. Read more.

Wayne Brady Reveals Battle with Depression

The untimely death of famed comedian Robin Williams reignited a conversation about suicide and depression. A fellow entertainer has come out and shared his own experience with battling depression. During a candid interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” Wayne Brady opened up about dealing with depression behind the scenes. Brady said Williams’s death encouraged him to speak up about his problem. “I think that when you keep these secrets, and something that you learn as you read more and go into treatments and get help is, that these secrets kill,” he said during the interview. “Nobody wants to out themselves, so to speak. Or if they out themselves, it’s in a very Hollywood way. … If someone says, ‘I’m clinically depressed,’ that sounds like someone’s making something up.” Read more.

Lupita Nyong’o Named Woman of the Year by Glamour Magazine

It’s undeniable that actress Lupita Nyong’o was this year’s “it girl.” She won an Oscar for her supporting role in “12 Years a Slave,” and broke barriers for African women in Hollywood. As the year comes to an end, the accolades are continuing to roll in for Nyong’o. She was recently named Woman of the Year by Glamour Magazine. “I feel a responsibility to myself and my parents and the people whose love has gotten me this far—people who were in my life before fame,” she said in an interview with Glamour. “That’s where I get my sense of self.” Read more.

Noted Journalist Jonathan P. Hicks Dies

Notable journalist Jonathan P. Hicks has succumbed at his home in Brooklyn to a battle with pancreatic cancer. Hicks was well known for covering business and politics during his 24-year tenure at the New York Times.  After leaving the New York Times, Hicks continued to pursue his passion for journalism at the New York Amsterdam News and He also used his platform as a way to give back to rising journalists, and was the co-founder of a scholarship for aspiring journalists from Liberia. Hicks was 58. Read more.

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