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Bensalem, Penn., police have finally arrested alleged serial gravesite vandal and American flag burner Anthony Davis Carter (pictured). The Feasterville man was captured and charged with vandalism and arson on a day that could not be more apropos: Veterans Day, according to NBC-10.

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Bensalem police report that Carter had gone on a rampage during the summer vandalizing tombstones and burning the flags, flowers, veteran flag holders, and decorations that had been placed on them.

Two cemeteries were involved in the gravesite antics of the accused and both reported incidents that span August and September. Police report that the 29-year-old Carter would allegedly place all of his stolen items together in a pile and then burn them.

In September, Carter was allegedly walking through a cemetery and was spotted by a patrolman, who had been hired to guard the funerary grounds because of the ongoing vandalism. The officer reportedly noticed Carter allegedly carrying two packages of matches. When the policeman asked Carter to submit to a DNA test to determine whether he was somehow involved in the vandalism acts, oddly he agreed.

On Veteran’s Day, police were informed by their lab that Carter’s DNA was a perfect match with what was left on one of the burned flags.  When questioned by detectives about his involvement in the crimes, Carter denied any wrongdoing.

Investigators are still trying to piece together a motive for Carter’s alleged vandalism.  Many cemetery mourners were saddened by the young man’s blatant disrespect for those who have passed on.  “I feel betrayed, insulted,” Greg Royack told NBC Philadelphia. “How could you do that?”

Meanwhile, Carter is reportedly sitting in a Bucks County jail and bail was set at $10,000.

The mere fact that investigators were finally able to zero in on the culprit, after months of delving into the case and on Veteran’s Day no less, is just coincidental, according to police.

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