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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!  Shyjuan Snowden was so miffed at her ex-man after getting into a heated argument about not accompanying her to a wedding, that she donated all of his clothing to a local Goodwill.  Snowden is not only facing vandalism but assault charges as well, according to WREG.

The 36-year-old Memphis woman reportedly drove her car to the charitable donations facility, got out of her vehicle, opened the trunk and allowing a worker to load up his cart with her unidentified ex’s gear.  A surveillance camera at Goodwill caught the entire chain of events involving Snowden’s trunkload of ‘charitable donations.’

The worker is seen taking the cart inside the facility and Snowden is captured driving off.

According to police, Snowden also reportedly destroyed some of her ex’s property as well.

The victim however did not take matters sitting down. “I sued in civil court, won a judgement of $6,500. That’s been about a year, maybe three months ago. She still has not paid me for any of those items,” the victim contends.

On top of all that the victim experienced with Snowden, he was also reportedly attacked by his former lady-love after the civil case ruling.

Snowden appeared before a judge on Monday at a hearing to respond to the charges that are associated with the altercation involving her ex.