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Mounsurat Adeoye, the Mother of teen Omotayo (pictured) who committed suicide after allegedly cheating on a high school exam, is reportedly placing the blame of her daughter’s death on the high school she attended and has filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city of New York, according to LiveLeak.

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Omotayo was a gifted student who attended one of the city’s top high school’s, Harlem’s HS for Math, Science and Engineering.

At the time of her death last May, the 17-year-old Nigerian immigrant had also been juggling advanced classes at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and waiting to hear if she had qualified for a ­National Achievement Scholarship for college. The Bronx junior, who was one of four siblings, reportedly had aspirations of one day becoming a doctor.

However, Omotayo had also reportedly run away from home several times, struggled with bouts of depression, and was considered to be anti-social.

When Omotayo got busted peeking at her cellphone while taking a German test, the teacher allegedly snatched it away, accusing her of cheating and yelling at her. Omotayo reportedly burst into tears while apologizing profusely to the instructor.  A few hours after the emotional exchange between the teacher and Omotayo, according to police investigators, the young girl scrawled the following words on her German language exam that read, “I just want to go away forever on the bottom of the river.”

After Omotayo handed in her test paper and asked to go to the restroom, she never returned to the classroom.

Instead, the teen walked to Manhattan’s Hudson River’s edge in Harlem, placed her identification on a rock, then plunged in to the murky waters.

She could not swim.

Fishermen who were taken aback by what they saw could not get to the child in time to save her. according to police reports.  The men told police, Omotayo almost appeared to be forcing herself under the water, as her head continuously bobbed up and down, then suddenly disappeared.

Now Adeoye’s court-filed papers reportedly state that even though the teacher had immediate possession of the suicide note, the school’s staff “…failed to prevent (the teenager) from leaving the school.”  The heartbroken Mom also claims that the school waited too long before police were summoned.

Adeoye is also contesting that the fact that her daughter even cheated at all stating that the accusation was never verified.

According to the Mom, Omotayo had attempted suicide on another occasion, so the teacher was well aware of the girl’s fragile mental state.

“The school really let the family down,” contends Jonathan Michaels, Adeoye’s attorney. “They promised to watch out for her and help her cope with the academic pressures, but they didn’t.”

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