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L.A. Laker’s shooting guard Wayne Ellington, Jr. (pictured) is reportedly distraught over the shooting death of his 57-year-old father, Wayne Ellington Sr., who was found dead in a 2001 burgundy Oldsmobile in Germantown, Pennsylvania with one gunshot wound on the left side of his head, reports

As police investigators delve into the murder case, they have already surmised that Ellington Sr. was not robbed but he may have been targeted.

Ellington Sr., who had three children, reportedly adored watching his son play basketball on the L.A. team.  Betty, Ellington Sr.’s mother, told he was Wayne’s biggest supporter and always routed him on stating, “He was [his son’s] No. 1 fan,” she said Wednesday. “Every game we could get to, we were there.”

Ellington Sr., a finance worker at a law center, lived with his mother and was described by her as someone who did not get his feathers ruffled easily, was primarily a loner but who adored his three children.  As a matter of fact, Betty told the news outlet that her son would spend hours playing basketball with Wayne when he was a young child.

Wayne has reportedly returned to his hometown of Philadelphia to make funeral arrangements for his father.  The Lakers organization granted the 26-year-old player a leave of absence so that he can tend to his family.  The basketball team also issued a statement on Thursday regarding the Ellington tragedy:

“Our players are upset for their friend and teammate. Additionally, ownership and all Lakers employees are also saddened by this tragedy,” Lakers General Manager Mitch Kupchak said in a statement. “Those of us who work with and have gotten to know Wayne have come to know what a wonderful and caring person he is. Our hearts go out to Wayne and his family, as do our thoughts and prayers.”

Meanwhile Betty, who is also devastated at the tragic passing of her son can’t seem to grasp what took place, telling, “I am so heartbroken.  My son didn’t deserve this.”