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In a case of life imitating art, “Why Did I Get Married?” star Tasha Smith and her husband are engaged in a nasty divorce battle, with both sides claiming they live in fear of the other, TMZ reports.

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Smith, who also starred in “Tyler Perry’s For Better Or Worse”– another film about marital woes — recently filed court documents alleging that her husband, Keith Douglas, flies into jealous rages and accuses her of sleeping with other women. She says in the papers, “When he’s in a rage, I feel that he is capable of killing me.”

Apparently, Smith is not the only one who lives in fear. Douglas has lodged similar charges against Smith, causing Smith to be court ordered to stay two yards away from him…although they live in the same house.


TMZ reports:

We broke the story … Douglas has similar concerns, saying Smith flies into booze-fueled rages and threatens to kill him, warning him to “not fall asleep or something will happen.”

Douglas got a restraining order last week, requiring Smith to stay an absurd 2 yards away from him while they’re in the house together … but we’re told Douglas has since moved out.

Smith says she’ll call a bunch of celebs in their divorce case to validate her claims of abuse, including Tisha Campbell Martin and Elizabeth Rohm

Court documents note that Smith is friends with Michael Jace —”The Shield” actor who allegedly shot and killed his wife — and says she told Douglas she was worried she’d end up like Jace’s wife.

Either way, both parties deny the allegations.

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