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The NFL team, New England Patriots organization has egg on their faces right about now and have issued an apology for one of the biggest Twitter faux pas evaaah!  It seems the American sports franchise became the first NFL team to reach a million followers on Twitter.  As a “Thank you,” the team had planned to gift its one millionth follower with a special piece of team art, a custom avatar jersey, that would be tweeted from the organization’s account.  A template was all ready to auto-fill the recipient’s name over the jersey.

Except for the fact that there was one little issue….

The recipient’s Twitter handle is “IHATEN**GERSS.”

The screw up was not caught by a soul at the New England Patriot’s organization, so the racist handle and the congratulatory greeting was retweeted to all of their followers. It has since been taken down.

The Pats have issued an apology via Twitter for the major oversight, stating, “We apologize for the regrettable tweet that went out from our account. Our filtering system failed & we will be more vigilant in the future.”

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