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Michael Brown was shot a staggering seven times, not six, as originally reported, a forensic expert hired by the teen’s family told a grand jury Thursday, KSHB 41 reports about the Ferguson, Mo., case that has set the nation on edge.

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Dr. Michael Baden, the forensic expert asked by the family to conduct a second autopsy, was called to testify before a grand jury in Brown’s shooting death. The unarmed 18-year-old was shot this summer by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who is White, sparking ongoing protests over the use of excessive force by law enforcement in the Black community.

After Baden delivered his testimony, Shawn Parcells, a St. Louis-area assistant forensic pathologist who helped him with the autopsy, updated initial findings about how many times Brown was shot.

KSHB 41 reports:

The attorneys for the family said before [Baden’s] testimony that he had identified one additional entry wound in Brown’s chest. [They] wouldn’t elaborate on what that meant.

Shawn Parcells of Overland Park assisted Dr. Baden in the autopsy. He explained they determined Brown was shot seven times.

Originally, the doctor believed one bullet went through the teen’s head, exited, and re-entered into his chest.

However, Parcells said the additional bullet shows Brown was shot three times at the same trajectory. That led them to believe he was shot three times as his body was on the way to, or already on, the ground.

The initial autopsy was performed by local St. Louis medical examiner. And KSHB says another distinction between the two reports is how close Brown was to Wilson’s gun.

“What we hope that the grand jury will understand is that, that doesn’t prove that Michael Brown was reaching for the gun because it doesn’t tell you anything,” Parcells said. “It just tells you it was shot at a short range.”

Grand jurors are in the midst of deciding whether to indict the officer based on witness accounts, presented evidence and the autopsy. But Parcells worries jurors may have already made a decision, KSHB reports.

“It’s very late in the game. I wish that we would have been allowed to present our findings much earlier,” the forensic pathologist assistant explained.

Earlier this week, Michael Brown’s parents testified before a United Nations committee in Geneva, Switzerland, saying they “need the world to know what’s going on in Ferguson.”

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