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Houston Rockets superstar Dwight Howard (pictured) has been cleared of child abuse charges, after his baby momma, former reality star of “Basketball Wives,” Royce Reed (pictured) complained that the whipping he gave their young son resulted in injuries, according to TMZ.

Reed filed a report with the Florida Department of Children and Families stating that Howard beat their 6-year-old son Braylon with a belt and the whipping resulted in abrasions, bruises and welts to the child’s legs.  Reed claims that she had to take her child to a medical facility for evaluation after the alleged beating.   Florida child authorities, however, delved into the complaint, interviewing Howard as well.  Based on their probings, the agency decided to close the Howard file and their conclusions were as follows according to TMZ:   “The investigation is being closed with no substantiated findings of physical injuries.”

The young reality star and actress insisted that the child abuse allegations case against her ex boo had not been closed and on Sunday she posted on Instagram, “The case is not closed and he is/was not cleared!  The investigation is still open as he refuses to speak to the police.  So whoever these reps are that are and trying to slander me, just know the gloves are off and I’m not the one to play with when it comes to my son.  That is all.”

Howard’s lawyer, David Oscar Markus, however begs to differ with Reed, telling the New York Daily News, “(Florida) thoroughly examined these frivolous allegations and found all of them, including those of physical injury, not substantiated,” said the attorney. “Dwight Howard will continue to act in the best interest of his children and do whatever is necessary to protect their welfare and best interests.”

Meanwhile, the 6’11,” 28-year-old player wants his boy full-time and reportedly filed for full custody last week, accusing his ex-girl of being an unfit mother who plies the child with psychotropic drugs, so that she can have a “chemical babysitter.”