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Police brutality is an issue that has long plagued the African American community. And with the recent death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, the topic has been pushed to the forefront of the national conversation. In her latest installment of her docu-series, “Black in America,” journalist Soledad O’ Brien will explore the tarnished relationship between police officials and communities of color. “Black & Blue” will delve into the lives of African American men who were victims of aggressive policing tactics and officers who claim that they are simply fighting crime. The documentary will also feature video footage of police interactions with young African American men. “What is so shocking is that [the “Stop & Frisk”] police practice was used around the country – and in some places still is – with the theory that police were stopping criminals,” said O’Brien. “It’s shocking that the city where this was popularized was stopping so many innocent people.” “Black & Blue” will air on Tuesday, November 18th at 9:00 p.m. on CNN. Read more.

Adrian Peterson Believes NFL’s Reinstatement Process is Unfair

Although Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s battle in court following his child abuse case is over, he is still facing several obstacles while trying to get back on the field. Peterson is doing everything in his power to be removed from the league’s exempt list, but according to the 29-year-old football star the NFL is giving him a hard time. NFL representatives recently scheduled a meeting with Peterson to discuss what further disciplinary action should be taken, but Peterson says the hearing didn’t align with the rules of the league’s CBA (collective bargaining agreement). “At this point, I’ve resolved my matter in the criminal court; I’ve worked to make amends for what I’ve done; I’ve missed most of the season, and I stand ready to be candid and forthcoming with Mr. Goodell about what happened. However, I will not allow the NFL to impose a new process of discipline on me, ignore the CBA, ignore the deal they agreed to with me, and behave without fairness or accountability,” said Peterson in a statement. “The process they are pushing is arbitrary, inconsistent, and contrary to what they agreed to do, and for those reasons, I never agreed to the hearing.” Read more.

Report: Young Black Males in Boston Placed in Special Ed Programs at a High Rate

According to a new report, young African American males in Boston are being separated from their classmates and placed in special education programs at high rates. The report, Opportunity and Equity: Enrollment and Outcomes of Black and Latino Males in Boston Public Schools, shows that African American male students were placed in separate classrooms at almost twice the rate of white males. It also indicated that 40 percent of black boys who have disabilities at the elementary level are being taught outside of regular classrooms. “It does concern us that so many of our kids are identified as special needs when we know there is no difference between a child of color and a white child if they’re afforded the same opportunities,” NAACP Boston President Michael Curry said in a statement. Read more.

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