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Bill Cosby’s refusal to address over one dozen rape allegations levied against him is finally hitting him where it hurts—in the pocket.


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TV Land has cancelled several ‘Cosby’ marathons which were set to air between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The beloved series followed the ‘Huxtables’ for eight years, finishing its run in 1992.Finishing its eight-year run in 1992, ‘Cosby’ has lived on in the hearts of many through syndication, but as the accusations continue to fly in, that may all change.

As previously reported by NewsOne, Netflix has pulled the plug on a comedy special starring America’s Dad. NBC followed suit, cancelling plans for a new sitcom that would have found Cosby re-inhabiting the role of beloved family patriarch.

Cosby has consistently refused to speak on the allegations, shaking his head “no” when NPR’s Scott Simon asked him about them as Cosby’s wife Camille sat beside him.

The 77-year-old funny-man also canceled interviews on Queen Latifah’s show, as well as Late Night with David Letterman.


Bill Cosby Refuses To Answer Questions About Rape Allegations During NPR Interview, Cancels ‘Letterman’ Appearance