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Actor Jeffrey Wright spoke with “NewsOne Now” guest host Jeff Johnson about the premiere of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 1.”

“The exciting thing about these films is they bring everything, including the kitchen sink, that big budget movies can bring. All the bells and whistles, the CGI the scope and the spectacle,” said Wright. “At the same time there is something relevant, very personal, even political at the core of these movies that is quite rare in movie making of this type. And particularly of movies for young audiences and young minds. They really occupy a very specific space.”

Johnson asked Wright if he thought “The Hunger Games” could inspire people who “don’t even think about the notion of resistance, mobilization, of getting together about using their natural given gifts to be able to create change.” Wright told Johnson “we were very conscious that some of the scenes that we were filming were reflective of scenes happening, perhaps in Ferguson, perhaps in Syria, perhaps in Gaza, in Israel. There are these resonances that were very clear.”

Wright also talked about his work in the fight against Ebola and the Ebola Survival Fund that is currently active in Sierra Leone and Liberia. Wright told Johnson, “I’ve been involved in the work in Sierra Leone for about 13 years.” Wright also shared an inspiring story of how they helped quell an Ebola outbreak in a village about 60 miles outside of Meliandou, Guinea.

Check out what else Jeffrey Wright had to say about the installment in the Hunger Games movie franchise in the video clip above. Don’t miss the third installment of “The Hunger Games” premiering in theaters Friday, November 21st.

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