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Trevor Thornton (pictured), who has reportedly made a comfy living off swindling thousands of dollars from his numerous love conquests across the nation, has finally been brought to a halt and cuffed by Florida’s Broward County Sheriffs.  Thornton faces a grand theft charge after reportedly stealing $14,000 from a woman he had only been dating for a mere two weeks, according to 6 South Florida News.


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The alleged theft victim, Charlaine Pierre Louis, met Thornton on the online dating site  Not long after, the pair went off on a weekend jaunt to Puerto Rico.  When Louis returned from the trip, a relative told her that she had seen Thornton’s mugshot online at various sites.  When the 29-year-old woman went to her safe to see if her money was still there she discovered that it was gone.

When Florida deputies arrested Thornton, they reportedly discovered he had a lengthy rap sheet that included fraud and theft.  The 33-year-old man has not only cheated countless female victims out of their money but he also has several wives, children and owes a boatload of money in child support payments.

Thornton, a serial con artist whom police have dubbed “Casanova,” left a trail of broken hearts all across this land.  One victim even posted a YouTube of Thornton warning other women about his swindling ways.  Law enforcement told 6 South Florida News that Thornton’s MO is an old trick: he poses as a wealthy man, pilot or special agent to snare his victims.

According to Louis, who spoke to the news outlet, she alleges that Thornton, “…looks for women that are successful and he sells you this dream, this story.  I found all this information about other women. He’s been married six times, he has like 11 children, he puts on this show and facade.”

Investigators state that Thornton has operated under such aliases as Thompson, Thomas, Tolbert and Touchstone.

If you’ve been a victim of Thornton’s, contact Det. Robert Petoskey at 954-435-2200.

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