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Brian Jones (pictured) is behind bars and facing charges of trafficking for sexual servitude and two counts of raping a child.  Jones is accused of pimping out a 12-year-old girl whose ferocious father and his trusty baseball bat, wound up saving from his clutches according to WMC News.

When the unidentified father learned that his daughter was allegedly having sex with men at Jones’ Memphis apartment, he grabbed a bat and went looking for his intended target, the alleged pimp.  A court affidavit states, the dad struggled with Jones who refused to let the child go.  The dad however was finally able to force Jones into the back of a locked van.  The locked-up alleged flesh-peddler then ironically, wound up calling police on himself to report what had taken place according to WMC News.

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When officers arrived on the scene, they were flagged down by the father of the child who explained what had taken place.  The father went on to explain to the officers how his daughter had been allegedly held against her will by Jones and forced to have sex with various men.  The 33-year-old Jones, confessed to the police, how he did allow someone to bring the 12-year-old girl into his apartment and how he was also well aware, she was having sexual relations with various men in his bedrooms.

Jones is being held on a $200,000 bond and is scheduled to be arraigned in court on December 1.


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