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Radio One St. Louis stood outside a courthouse alongside protestors, and citizens of Ferguson anxiously waiting for a grand jury’s decision to indict Darren Wilson, a Ferguson, Mo. police officer who shot Mike Brown, an unarmed Black teenager to death. Silence quickly turned into gun shots as the crowd along with the parents of Mike Brown learned he would not be charged. Smoke and tear gas filled the air as police tried to take control of a community enraged.

Radio One’s St. Louis team was able to capture the real time events that took place in Ferguson that night, and continue their coverage as the aftermath unfolds. See the text transcript of their correspondence to each other to a get the real life chilling experience they encountered while covering this story on the ground.

Check back for updates as we continue to give you up to date coverage from Ferguson and go to for full coverage.

November 24, 2014

Sheryl Huggins: Mustapha says prosecutor says announcement TK 9 pm ET/8 pm CT

Rob b: Ground team is on the street

Rob b: Stormm is about to send an update

Sheryl Huggins: Great! What is atmosphere like?

Terri is in ferguson. And Ro is also outside of the court house (2/2)

Terri Jae: Calm but crowded in Ferguson

Terri Jae: More officers coming

Terri Jae: Not more than 20 rite now

Rob b: Cool

Rob b: Take pics and video but stay safe most importantly

Rob b: Feel free to get feedback from people there and ask thoughts or why they r there

Rob b: Will send updates via here when potential interviewees come through

Terri Jae: Report of kkk out here

Terri Jae: Crowd went crazy

Terri Jae: Police came out to help surrounded kkk member

Terri Jae: Crowd calmed down o n ce chants of peace for Mike Brown started

Rollster Capone: They are not letting cameras in the court house.

Susan Henry: We heard that on the news as well

Terri Jae: Florissant blocked

Rollster Capone: Tim is trying to get in.

Terri Jae: Random groups blocking Florissant

Rob b: Terri- Can u get pics and video of it

Terri Jae: Calm . again…waiting for decision

Terri Jae: Almost quiet

Kenon White: 2 minute warning

Susan Henry: Susan Henry–They are NOT going to indict!!


Eob b: Ground team- be careful

Rollster Capone: Ok arrest was made because he threw what appears to be rock towards the government building video on IG.

Susan Henry: Susan H: does anyone have a press pass on the ground in Ferguson? If so. You can get a packet that includes the full list of evidence and the (1/2)

decision at the court house in Clayton (2/2)

Terri Jae: Gunshots fired

Terri Jae: Crowd didn’t completely disperse

Rob b: Dan Shelley just reported Obama about to make statement at 9p est

Terri Jae: Crowd marching toward 70

rob b: Be extremely careful Terri- it got ugly last time they did that. Safety first

Terri Jae: Flares and windows being busted

Terri Jae: Just saw someone shot in the face

Terri Jae: Phone won’t let take pics

Terri Jae: Blocked in by riot truck and gas

Stormm 2: With a gun? Tear gas?

Tim Lampley: My God!!

Terri Jae: Tear gas sorry

Tim Lampley: Terri leave

Terri Jae: They wanted me to take him to the hospital

Terri Jae: Blocked in…about to let phone charge brb

Terri Jae: Have to watch surroundings to many masked ppl. Lol

Rollster Capone: Oh wow. Tim what part of Ferguson are u heading to??

Rollster Capone: Terri are u still in front of the police station?

Rob b: Fyi- tim’s assistant Terri is out for the time being. Someone right in front of her got injured by tear gas and needed medical attention.

No one (1/2)

wanted to help him so she took it onto herself to get him to the hospital (2/2)

Terri Jae: He is at the hospital now…getting Info on him to follow up

Rob b: National guard is being sent in

Rob b: Get out the area asap

Rob b: Tim hit me up when ur safe also

Sheryl Huggins: Agreed please be safe all

Rob b: Ground team pls hit me up when u r safe so I know ur ok.

Rollster Capone: I’m out of the very hostile area on my way to the station

Rollster Capone: It is unsafe there

rob b: And u did great. Please keep us posted so I know u got in safe

Rollster Capone: Gov. Nixon will hold a press conference at 1:30am. Calling for more National Guardsmen.

Rollster Capone: Ok. I am currently in transit to Ferguson. As soon as I can I will do so.

Stormm 2: K call once ur downstairs

Rollster Capone: Not safe

Rob b: Gunshots going off

Rob b: Ground team needs to vacate right now

Terri Jae: Sorry guys had to take him he was bleeding really bad

Terri Jae: Here at St Mary with medics that helped him getting everyone info

Rob b: Terri call me asap

Rob b: Roe is about to give a first hand account as well on air since she’s here

Mustapha Hussein: Major gathering downtown saint Louis at noon

Mustapha Hussein: Busses from out of town arrived 3am

Mustapha Hussein: Many more coming this weekend

Tanita: Can we find out what out of town cities/organizations are arriving?

Mustapha Hussein: Working on that now

Rollster Capone: Leaving the Ferguson area now, heading to downtown St. Louis.

Mustapha Hussein: Will have a camera rolling live feed from downtown

Rollster Capone: Awesome. I’m actually at the press conference


Mustapha Hussein: Protest has shifted to where there are no national guard units set up…en route now

Tim Lampley: Where?

Mustapha Hussein: Natural bridge and kings highway

Mustapha Hussein: Police blocking streets

Mustapha Hussein: Going live in 10 min

Stormm 2: Did you see the breaking news

Tim Lampley: What’s breaking?

Stormm 2: The high speed chase that went through the city to east St. Louis

Dan Shelley: PD car being torched now in front of Ferguson City Hall. What’s going on with our folks???

Rollster Capone: A small group broke away from the group of protestors. Started throwing rocks and bricks at the car first then torched it.

Mustapha Hussein: On the way from shaw to ferguson for live feed

Sheryl Huggins: Hi Tim are you ok and when is your next filing? I need an ETA to have post-production and an online editor lined up

rob b: Hey Sheryl- just providing an update on the ground team and their movements for today

rob b: Areas included going back to ferguson this morning to get the aftermath , interviews with people on their thoughts about what took place, and some (1/2)

additional question and answers (2/2)

rob b: They all attended the al sharpton rally earlier

rob b: However the rally started an hour earlier than it was promoted so quality shots of the proceedings were limited bc there was so much media already there

rob b: They also visited several other areas during the day and this evening including the incident on grand avenue

rob b: Terri collected contact info for several individuals including a federal police officer who is allowed and willing to be interviewed as of tomorrow

rob b: Contact info for potential interviewees will be collected and sent over tomorrow so the ions journalists can select who they may want to follow up on


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