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The holiday shopping season has officially arrived and Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now” is breaking out all of his best gadgets for this installment of “Tech Talk.”

This week Martin highlights the BBQ Dragon; the Crossfade M-100 over the ear headphones, which offers a number of  great set features; one of the best portable wireless speakers, the JBL Charge 2; the Prime X camera and the Selfie Wink.

Watch the video for Martin’s review and check out all of the items mentioned in this week’s edition of “Tech Talk” below.

The BBQ Dragon’s variable speed motor allows you to infinitely control the amount of air, and thus oxygen, delivered to a fire. This amazing control enables fast fire starting, as well as perfect temperature control for grilling. Set it high for big fires at the beach or camping, or dial it down to perfectly control the temperature in your smoker, or light your fireplace. You decide. No fire is too big, or too small, for the BBQ Dragon.


Immersive 3D Soundstage: Evokes the experience of a live performance

Clean Deep Bass: Feel and hear the precise vibrations of your music without bloated boom or a muddy mid-range

Ultra Wide Clarity & Vivid Midrange: Hear lifelike vocals, crystal clear cymbals and crispy hi-hats

M-100’s explosive sound is created by:

  • 50mm Dual-Diaphragm Driver (Patent Pending): Inner and outer rings separate the bass from bleeding into the mids and highs
  • Master Crafted Materials: More expensive driver and components than peer headphones at this price range
  • Analog Noise Isolation: Naturally cut out the distractions of jet engines, crying babies and crowd noise
  • No Batteries or Artificial Processing: Powerful, pure sound without the pollution of two extra digital-to-analog conversions of battery powered headphones
  • Minimal sound leakage: Immersive sound for you without bothering others view details
  • Consistent Driver Quality: Quality tested at 6 frequencies to maintain stricter consistency than the competition, often by an order of magnitude



The new JBL Charge 2, a portable stereo speaker offering best-in-class sound with dual drivers and twin passive radiators that deliver deep, accurate bass so powerful that you can actually see them trembling – even as their sound hits your ears. Featuring a 6000mAh Li-ion battery that can play up to 12 hours of music, the Charge 2 is built to outlast all-night parties – as well as charge other portable devices by way of its USB port. And with its versatile Bluetooth wireless functionality, you can carry the Charge 2 with you anywhere and still listen to music. The JBL Charge 2 also features a hands-free conference speakerphone complete with patented noise and echo cancellation technology that brings greater resonance and clarity to the sound of your calls. Finally, the Charge 2 has a Bluetooth Social Mode that lets up to three different users take their respective turns playing their own Bluetooth-enabled devices on the same speaker. Whatever color you end up going with – black, white, red, blue, or purple – you’re going further – and louder – with Charge 2 than anything else in its class or price.
Prime X is a 4th Generation Replay XD HD camera. Through a culmination of 9 years of experience, incredible industrial design, and ingenious engineering, Prime X combines never before seen size, light-weight, power, optics, image sensor, processing, and aerospace-grade materials, all built into an aluminum professional HD camera. Pro users will love the Prime X’s beautiful and sharp high quality image, advanced features including Wi-Fi, superior craftsmanship, and Replay XD’s trademarked settings and simplicity that allow the everyday video enthusiast to use Prime X with ease. We have combined thousands of hours of R&D, production-world feedback, the best talents, and materials to create the best and most versatile Professional HD POV Action Camera.


SelfieWink is a camera remote control which is easy to set up and use! It allows you to easily capture selfie moments at any occasion using your SmartPhone or any other Bluetooth friendly device. Comes in five different colors, doesn’t need to charge, battery last up to 3 years and range is up to 30 feet. It’s so cool, light and easy to carry that you will use it in your key chain and just bring it everywhere with you! If you love Selfies you will surely go crazy with this amazing new invention!

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