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A few weeks ago, Dr. Cornel West joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” to discuss his ongoing criticism of the nation’s first Black president.

Prior to then Sen. Barack Obama being inaugurated, West promised to be a “major critic” after being an ardent supporter for Obama as he campaigned to capture the nation’s highest office.

West recounted 65 events that he attended in various cities while Mr. Obama was on the campaign trail, beginning in Iowa and leading up “all the way to the last moments of the campaign.”

West said he “would do it again.”

“I was just hoping that he [President Barack Obama] wouldn’t be a Wall Street president, not a drone president. Not a president who would extend national surveillance and I thought he was going to hit the new Jim Crow. I thought he was going to hit the prison industrial complex.”

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West went on to comment about the state of education in the African American community saying, “Education is not in any way providing the kind of affirmation of their intelligence and imagination. Rich kids get taught, poor kids get tested … and at the same time we got the police coming at our young people.”

He continued, “mass incarceration and miseducation has genocidal effects on our young folk and I thought as president he [President Obama] would at least use the bully pulpit and at least push policies that would try to target the deplorable plight of our precious young folk.

You can listen to his entire commentary in a previously released edition of the “NewsOne Now” Audio Podcast, The Cornel West Black Prophetic Fire Podcast.

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