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This morning we received an editorial from Dr James C. Perkins, President of Progressive National Baptist Convention. It is an eye-opening challenge for the faith community to take a stand and respond to a direct call to action.

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Please read the below:

Once again our sensibilities have been shocked by the decision of the grand jury in Staten Island, New York, not to indict Officer Daniel Pantaleo for choking Mr. Eric Garner–an unarmed African-American male–to death. Though the New York City medical examiner ruled Mr. Garner’s death as a homicide, the grand jury still chose not to indict Officer Pantaleo. This decision on the heels of the [Ferguson] grand jury’s decision in the Michael Brown case makes it clear that to some Black life does not matter. It’s almost as if it’s open season on Black, unarmed males. To protest this deep insensitivity and grave miscarriage of justice, PNBC is joining with other African-American denominations in designating December 14, 2014 as BLACK LIFE MATTERS SUNDAY!

Churches are asking all of their members to dress in black to mourn the deaths and verdicts of young African-American males and designate a special time in their service to pray over our children–especially our boys–and to ask God’s covering on their lives, our families and our communities. We cannot afford to hold our peace in the face of this growing atmosphere of injustice.

-Dr James C. Perkins, President of Progressive National Baptist Convention

Please take a moment and pass this information on to your churches, friends and family.

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Let’s storm the heavens with prayer. Last night, Pastor Donnie McClurkin had a ‘pray in’.  Let’s continue the discussion, momentum and progressive thinking that will enable our future generations an opportunity to live in a world without violence.

Editor’s note: Dr. James C. Perkins, the new President. PNBC is 1.5 million members strong in the US and 2.5 million members strong internationally.


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