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In the aftermath of the non-indictment verdicts in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases, police officials have felt the brunt of backlash in the form of protests throughout the country. Many people, and people of color especially, feel as if those who are supposed to protect and serve our communities can’t be trusted. However, a recent poll shows that there was an increased belief amongst white Americans that cops treat blacks fairly. The poll, which was released by NBC News and Marist College found that found 52 percent of whites say that police officers in their communities treat African Americans fairly, which is 11 points higher than a poll taken in September which asked the same question. Only 12 percent of African Americans believe that they are treated equally by police officers, a significant 40 point difference. Read more.

BART Police Decline Reinstatement of Cop Who Killed Oscar Grant

Former BART officer Tony Pirone, the man responsible for killing Oscar Grant on a California train platform in 2009, will not get his job back. Pirone recently lost his his case to get reinstated into the BART police department. He was fired from the department after he made racist remarks directed towards Grant before murdering him, all of which was recorded on video. In a lawsuit filed by Grant’s friends, an appeals court refused to give Pirone immunity, citing “the questionable nature of Pirone’s authority to detain the group for a misdemeanor that abated before his arrival.” Read more.

New Movie to Chronicle President Obama and FLOTUS’ First Date

A new movie will tell the story of President Obama and his First Lady Michelle Obama‘s first date. Entitled “Southside With You,” the film will capture the day President Obama persuaded Michelle to go to the Art Institute, a movie (“Do The Right Thing,”) and the South Side for ice cream. FLOTUS will be played by actress Tika Sumpter. There is no word on who will play President Obama. Filming will kickoff in July in Chicago. Read more.

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