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The animated series “South Park,” known for its intelligent satire and venomous social commentary, zeroed in this week on “America’s Favorite Dad,” actor Bill Cosby (pictured). The iconic superstar, who is quickly plummeting from grace for a bevy of rape and sexual misconduct accusations, was the object of the show’s classic acerbic wit, as they infused a mix of recent allegations into a creepy Christmas song.

A hologramed Cosby complete with white whiskers and trademark Coogi sweater appears in the show’s finale cozying up to singer Taylor Swift; Cosby is shown trying to keep Swift in his grips by singing the duet “It’s Snowing Out There,” full of inappropriate date rape references. Cosby tries to get Swift to take a swig of a concoction that is presumably laced with a drug of some sort, which is the actor’s alleged modus operandi for his victims.

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“Say what’s in this drink?” Swift asks. “That’s just some J-E-L-L-O,” Cosby states as the famed pitchman for the product.  During the scene, viewer’s tweets are flashed on the screen including one that says, “OMG I used to love this song. Now its creepy.”

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The scene finally ends with Taylor taking a swig of the drink, becoming more submissive and Cosby massaging her cheek; viewers are pretty much left knowing what the singer’s fate will be.

Watch the creepy cartoon below: