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Las Vegas-based model and dancer Chloe Goins may be the latest victim (number 15?) of alleged sexual assault at the hands of fast-fading-icon Bill Cosby (pictured).  Goins has recently come forward to allege that she too was given a spiked cocktail by the comedian back in 2008, and awakened to discover Cosby sucking on her toes.  If Goins’ account is proven valid, it will be the first accusation against the funny man which lie within the statute of limitations for criminal charges within the state of California, according to the Daily Mail.

Goins (pictured) claims she was 18-years-old when she first encountered Cosby at the famed Playboy Mansion in California. Cosby had offered to get Goins and a girlfriend of hers a round of drinks. After sipping the beverage, the performer alleges she felt groggy and when Hugh Hefner, the Playboy entrepreneurial giant, took a look at her and saw she was not well, he offered her a bedroom to rest in for a while.

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Cosby knew the way to the room and reportedly offered to take Goins to it, she told the Daily Mail. “He seemed nice and I don’t remember feeling nervous or that it was weird,” she said.  Goins soon passed out when she arrived at the bedroom.

The 24-year-old woman continues the story as she was awakened from her drugged stupor:

“I came to and remember seeing this big man crouched over me. It was Bill Cosby and he was at my feet, kind of licking and kissing them and I think he bit my toe and that’s what woke me up.

‘I kind of thank God for that because that’s what woke me up and I came to.

‘I was shocked, I said, ‘hey, what’s going on’, he didn’t really say anything, didn’t explain anything or give a reason.

‘He jumped up, pulled his pants back up quickly and left. He had seen that I was alert and bolted out of there. I was left in the room by myself.’

Goins said she is sure Cosby had been licking her breasts and groping her body as well.

She said: ‘I remember waking up and feeling moist all over, like he had been licking all over me. He wasn’t on my breasts when I woke, but I could feel, you know, the saliva on them and that he’d been licking on me.

‘I felt embarrassed, it was a gross, icky feeling, I felt very violated and humiliated.”

As far as being raped, Goins does not think the act took place.  She does think, however, that she was inappropriately touched all about her body.  Goins also claims to have also seen the then 70-year-old Cosby pleasuring himself, as he was hunched over sucking her toes while she lay in the bed naked and trying to regain consciousness.

Goins, who has not yet filed a police report, said through her attorney that she plans to meet with LAPD detectives to give a statement this week.

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