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After 42-year-old Gloria Resto kept complaining to her husband Julio over his failure to purchase a Christmas gift for her, he reportedly killed her,  CBS Boston reported.

According to police, the 51-year-old Massachusetts man and his wife argued and the argument turned into a screamfest that took a tragic turn.   Resto reportedly tried strangling his wife before killing her with a kitchen knife Wednesday morning.

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After stabbing Gloria, Resto tried to kill himself by stuffing a towel into the tailpipe of his vehicle states the news site.  When Resto’s suicide attempt failed, he then drove himself to the Waltham police headquarters still clutching the murder weapon, and reportedly told officers, “Shoot me, I have nothing to live for!  I just killed my wife,” according to CBS Boston.

Officers then reportedly subdued Resto with a beanbag gun and took him into custody.  The man was overcome with grief, according to police.  When authorities went to Resto’s home, they discovered Gloria’s body in bed and sleeping alongside her body was her son, whom police say was unharmed.

Gloria’s aunt, who was not identified, told CBS Boston, “She did a lot for everybody. She was just always there for us. Right now we all need our privacy.”

Resto, who is expected to be arraigned January 6 and is being held without bail.

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