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Reginald Hardy (pictured) was reportedly fit to be tied, after catching his teen daughter’s boyfriend creeping around his apartment with her. The Reading, Pa. father allegedly attacked the unidentified 19-year-old teen, cut off his long dreadlocks. He’s now facing aggravated assault and terroristic threats charges, according to WFMZ.

Hardy told the news outlet that his 17-year-old daughter had just moved in with him only recently. The dad admits to seeing red when he found that the couple had been alone in the apartment on Friday night.  He claims he only attacked the boy because he was thinking about his daughter’s virtue telling WFMZ, “I’m a father and I’m looking out for my daughter. That’s it.”

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A police report states that Hardy went ballistic after seeing a couple of people run into his bathroom.  The man then went after the boy and reportedly struck him in the face.  Hardy then grabbed the victim by the hair and dragged him into his kitchen where he picked up a knife and sliced off his long locks.  When the teen tried to get away, Hardy is then said to have told the youth that he should not run.  The 38-year-old dad reportedly warned the young teen he was in possession of a gun and would shoot him in the back.

Police were summoned to the scene, Hardy was cuffed, hauled off to jail and is awaiting arraignment.

Meanwhile, now remorseful for his actions, Hardy told the news outlet he has since apologized to the victim and was hopeful that the teen would also ask his forgiveness for blatantly disrespecting his home “He knows he shouldn’t have been there!,” he tells WFMZ.