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Marion Christopher Barry (pictured below), son of the late controversial former Washington D.C. mayor, Marion Barry (pictured above), is reportedly being investigated by authorities for throwing a fit inside a PNC bank on Tuesday afternoon, according to The Washington Post.

Barry, who is said to be a contender for his dad’s vacant D.C. City Council seat, reportedly became incensed when he was informed that after seeking to make a “large cash withdrawl,” his account was overdrawn and he could not. Barry then allegedly got into a heated confrontation with employees at the bank.

Police were summoned to the institution and when law enforcement arrived, they were informed that Barry had not only allegedly threatened a bank employee (“I’m going to have someone waiting for you when you get off, you b—-,” he said according to the police report,) but damaged a security camera as well by hurling a trash can at it. Barry had left the bank by the time police arrived.

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The 34-year-old had announced earlier this year that at the urging of his dad he would pursue a political career, and seek a seat in the District’s Ward 8, the poorest area in the nation’s capital.  Even though the elder Barry, who passed away last November at age 78, had more than his fair share of a drug-filled life, he represented the district for ten years until his death and was beloved by many of its residents.

Young Barry, who runs a small construction company, is himself no stranger to arrest and has reportedly seen the inside of a cell three times for drug and traffic-violation charges. As recently as last July, Barry was placed behind bars for driving with a license that was revoked.  In December, he copped a guilty plea for the traffic offense and is currently on a 9 month probation.

He was also mandated by the court to attend drug and alcohol treatment.