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Bo Frierson (pictured), a disabled man in a wheelchair, was reportedly trying to help a group of his arguing friends whom police had confronted, when one of the officers reportedly moved his chair out of the way. Another police officer then appeared to tip the man out of his wheelchair and on to the ground — and the entire incident was caught on surveillance video. Now the San Francisco Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division and the Office of Citizen Complaints are investigating Frierson’s allegations against the officers involved in the confrontation, according to ABC News.

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According to the San Francisco police department, they were responding to a call about an incident involving a group of people who had gotten in to a heated argument on the street. When police arrived on the scene, they began questioning the four individuals involved in the dispute.

Frierson reportedly tried to intervene by attempting to aid his friends in their discussion with the authorities.

However, Frierson’s assistance was apparently unwelcome, as the officers advised him to leave the scene.

An officer reportedly moved the disabled man, then another seemingly tried to tip him out of his wheelchair and off the curb.

Frierson told ABC News,  “He dumped me out, you see, a couple of times. Lucky for the seatbelt. Everyone wear your seat belts. What if I were to just fall on my face? I could have died.”

Watch the incident here:

It was at this point that Frierson’s friends came to his rescue.

One of the officers accused Frierson of running over his foot, but Frierson denies the allegation.

Meanwhile, the investigation in to the case is underway and Frierson has been cited for obstructing an officer.

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